What We Do

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Providing professional power equipment

DAYE North America ensures best-in-class performance through a complete value chain. We understand that customers expect rigorous quality control and thorough protocols behind the scenes. We have designed our manufacturing procedures from start to finish to ensure that our experienced team touches every step of the process. Our customers enjoy a consistent product standard along with ongoing exceptional service. 

Complete Value Chain

Research & Development

We’re not content to rest on our laurels. DAYE spends our time communicating with customers, understanding our market, and directing our energies toward building on the products and outdoor equipment solutions that have made our company a success.

Product Testing

DAYE prioritizes quality management throughout the lifespan of our products. From early-stage engineering to manufacturing and shipping, from the retailer’s isles to the customer's garage. We carry out robust, industry-leading product testing, including electronic testing, motor function testing, water spray testing, and bump testing.


In navigating the sales process and retail line reviews, our sales team does everything from coordinating internal efforts from the manufacturing side to helping manage the supply chain and logistics that keep our pricing competitive. We also offer internally driven sales analysis and market research.


DAYE maintains a passion for design, innovation, and customized product lines. From raw materials to finished products, our diverse selection of outdoor equipment is produced with industry-leading technology and attention to detail across our global network of manufacturing and assembly facilities.


Leverage our full-service retail marketing solutions. Each of our teams (sales, marketing, product) works in a coordinated effort to deliver and promote our products with an eye for the success of our retail partners. We empower retailers with best-in-class content, brand support, e-commerce enhanced content, digital ad management, packaging, point of purchase design, and more.

Customer Service

DAYE is supported by a dedicated staff of customer care specialists who assist customers in meeting all of their post-purchase needs. In addition, Daye is partnered with an industry-leading parts and aftermarket service network with certified equipment repair centers across the US.